Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lost Tooth!!!

We are very pleased to announce, that with a little help from Dad, Ethan lost his first tooth tonight!!! It has been loose for quite some time now and Jon finally convinced him tonight that it would be best to pull it. For Ethan, he was brave. There were some tears and some screams but also alot of laughs!

He is very proud of himself to say the least! His tooth is safely tucked into his tooth fairy bear and sitting next to his pillow. He is excited about the tooth fairy coming but he is not quite sure how he feels about the fact that the tooth fairy is a girl!!!

We are so proud of our little man! He is growing up way too fast but it is fun to share these firsts with him! Emma, on the other hand, is not so happy. She went to bed tonight crying because she doesn't have a loose tooth!!! What a drama queen!

PS - I promise that we will share our cruise photos soon but this took precedent over that!!!