Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ethan goes to School!

Today Ethan headed back to preschool for his final year! He has really missed his friends over the summer and has been looking forward to going back. He had his open house last week and he would have started that day if they would have let him!

He will have the same teacher this year, Mrs. Miller, and quite a few of the high school teachers are back as well. Ethan is also glad that his friends Daniel and Xander will be joining him again this year. Mrs. Miller has already told the boys that they will need to be her special helpers this year to help the newer students in the class. Ethan loves to be in charge, look out new kids!!!

We will keep you posted on all of Ethan's preschool adventures! Next year we head to kindergarten!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Emma goes to preschool!

Monday, September 17th, was a big day in the Wile household. Emma had her first day of school today!!! She was very excited to go, although she was a little concerned about the fact that I would be leaving her there. Ethan reassured her that Mommy always comes back to pick us up!!!

When we first got there, Emma checked in and put her stuff in her cubby. She left pink blanket and Froggy-Froggy there which I thought was a very positive sign! (For those of you who don't know, Emma doesn't do much without pink!!!) Then she went over to a toy that she had discovered at open house and began to play. She was very careful not to let me out of her sight! She got very frustrated with her new toy and things weren't looking good for me to leave. Emma loves rubber stamps and thankfully one of the art projects for the morning was making your name with rubber stamps. Mommy steered her over in that direction and was able to get her involved with that and get a quick kiss good bye!

Emma's teacher's name is Mrs. Stauffer. Ethan had her for his first year of preschool and we are so glad that Emma has her too! When I got to school to pick Emma up, Mrs. Stauffer was quick to tell all of us anxious parents that there were NO tears today!!! Emma came running out to meet me and said that she had a really fun time! She especially liked the cupcakes that she had for snack and was very proud of the fact that she peeded there!!!!

She is looking forward to going back on Friday and hopefully things will go just as well. We are also hoping that Mommy will be a little more relaxed! (Maybe we can skip the Pepcid!!!)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Emma's Big Day

Today was a big day for our little girl. We had her preschool open house today! She will be attending the same preschool where Ethan goes and she will have the same teacher that Ethan had his first year. We really liked Mrs. Stauffer and we are glad that Emma will have her as well. She is very excited about school and has been telling everyone that she is going. But she did get a little shy when we actually got there today! She did have a good time once she settled in and didn't want to go when it was over.

Her first official day is on Monday. Mommy is hoping for a tear free good bye for both of us!!! I will be sure to post all the details of her first day on Monday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Kids are great! This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and Ethan came in to say good morning. As he was stretching, he passed gas. He looked at me and smiled and said "That was just exhaust Mommy". I couldn't help but laugh! Knowing Ethan and his love for all construction equipment makes this a funny moment that a mom doesn't want to forget!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Summer Memories

I need to apologize because I didn't quite keep up my blog the way that I intended to when I first created it! Alot has happed since my last post and I hope that you enjoy the picture slide show. Here are a few of the things that happed in our world this summer:

  1. Ethan graduated from preschool. They really go all out with cap, gown and diplomas. The kids look so cute! Ethan almost didn't make it due to an ear infection but he really wanted to be there even though he wasn't feeling well. The girl in the picture with him is his "girlfriend " from preschool. Her name is Abbey and she is all that he talked about!
  2. In July, Ethan turned five!!! It is so hard to believe that he is five already! I am not quite sure where the time went. We celebrated with a Cars birthday party with family and a few friends. He had a great time and he said that his presents where his favorite part!
  3. In July, we also had our vacation to Stone Harbor with Jon's family. We had great weather at the beach and the kids really enjoyed spending time with their cousin Benjamin. Ethan loved jumping the waves and Emma was much happier playing in the sand. Overall it was great because the kids were much happier at the beach this year!
  4. In August, we went to the zoo. This has become an annual tradition for our family and this year Jon's sister and her family and Jon's parents went along as well. This was part of the kids Christmas present to Nan and Pop Pop. We had a beautiful day and a great time although Emma asked to go home after about an hour!!!!
  5. In August, we also celebrated Emma's third birthday! We had a Go Diego Go birthday party. Diego and his cousin Dora are Emma's best friends right now! We had a great party and Emma enjoyed being the center of attention!

Overall, it was a great summer! Jon and I also celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary!!! We were able to go away over night to Baltimore which was a wonderful treat! Again, I have to say where has the time gone! We have accomplished alot over the last ten years and we look forward to seeing what the next ten hold!

Also, Emma is now potty trained!!!! Personally, this was the highlight of my summer! No more diapers!!!

With the coming of fall, I am hoping to keep with our blog on a more regular basis. Putting together the slide show for this entry, you realize how fast time moves and all that is happening in our lives. I wanted to be able to share all of that with all of you!


Jon, Becky, Ethan and Emma

Testing, Testing, Testing!

I just wanted to see if I could make this work and I can! More to come!!!