Friday, April 18, 2008

Emma a girly girl???

I, along with her Nan and Grandma, have tried desperately to convince Emma that is okay to wear a skirt. In the past, she has insisted that she didn't like them because her legs were sticking out. Yet, she would wear shorts???? I guess that this yet another one of those female mysteries!

We always attributed her logic to the fact that she has an older brother and sees him wearing shorts but not skirts. We had a small break through last week, when she asked to wear a dress because her friend Mikayla likes dresses. The only catch being that she wanted pants under the dress. Mom conceded because at least she had a dress on!

It is a beautiful, warm day here today, so when I was laying out her clothes this morning I decided that it couldn't hurt to put a skirt out and see what happened. She came in and looked at her clothes, pointed to the skirt and asked if she was wearing that today? My heart sank because I was sure that a NO and some tears were on the way. I told her yes that it was a skirt but it was special because it had a pair of shorts underneath. She looked it over and thought about it a minute. "Okay, mommy. Could you help me get dressed?" I was overjoyed!!!! When I take her to school I see all these other little girls who look so cute in their little skirts and today my little girl would be one of them too!

And you should have seen her! She tried on three different pairs of shoes before decideding on her pink flip flops and then proceeded to parade around the house quite pleased with herself!

Believe me, I am not looking for a frilly little girl, just one that isn't afraid to be a little girlie every now and then!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A glimpse of the future....

Today was a beautiful spring day and for once we were ready for school before we needed to walk out the door. Ethan noticed that our neighbor's children were outside waiting for the bus. He came running over and said "Mommy can I go outside and see Josh?" I told him that he could and he put on his coat and his backpack and headed out the door.

On my way upstairs to get something, I peeked outside to make sure that he was in fact with Josh. Looking out there was like seeing into the future for this mom. This fall my baby heads off to kindergarten and he will be standing next store in the neighbor's driveway waiting for the big yellow bus to come and take him to school.

I have to admit that I am having a hard time with this milestone in Ethan's life. Preschool wasn't half this hard because I only had to give him up for two hours! Thankfully, our school system's kindergarten is only half day! Still, this is the beginning of a whole new chapter for us. My baby is going to school!