Thursday, May 29, 2008

That Mom....

Today I was "that mom". We had to stop in at a local grocery store today to bring up a couple of things. As usual, my kids were the ones running through the store and slide on their bottoms down the aisles. Needless to say, I got more than a couple looks from other women in the store. With my purchases completed, I am finally ready to get my kids out of there and head to the safety of my van. We get to the sliding glass doors, the automatic kind, and disaster struck! For some reason, Emma decided to run her hand along the stationary door while her brother walked in front of the automatic part. It came back, Emma didn't notice and next thing I know her arm is caught between the two doors and she is moving back with them!!!! With the assitance of a man who was behind me, we held the door to get it to stop and I gently pulled her arm out from in between the doors! She was balling (with good reason) and suddenly we were the center of attention. As I was attending to Emma, there was a flurry of activity behind me as people were searching for a store employee to assess the situation. All in all, Emma was fine. By the time the store manager showed up, she had stopped crying and was laughing at her brother. We left the store with cookies and a bag of ice and I was told that a report would be written up in case she needed medical attention.

The thing that got to me was, the women (most of whom would fall into the with grown children category) who stopped to make sure that Emma was okay and give me the evil eye. I got the unwed teenage mother who isn't responsible for her kids look and one women even went so far as to tell the kids to be careful this summer because of course I wouldn't be paying attention to their well being!! I guess the fact that most of them had seem my kids running and sliding through the store earlier didn't leave them with a very good impression of my ability as a mom.

I know that I probably read more into their looks than was really there, but I definitely felt like I was "that mom". I guess it was a good reminder to me to be more compassionate the next time I am out and run into a mom who is having a "that mom" moment!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The End of a Chapter....

Ethan Joseph has now complete his Hempfield High School PreSchool experience. On May 15th, he had his finally graduation ceremony after completing his second year with Mrs. Miller in the three day program. He will be headed to kindergarten in the fall at Mountville Elementary School!
Jon and I are so grateful to Hempfield High School for providing it's residents with this preschool program. Ethan has learned and grown so much over the past three years! The help of the high students really provides the kids with a lot of one on one attention and a lot of opportunites to do some really neat things. The teachers are amazing and I really feel that they have helped Ethan to be ready to take this next step in his education.
I have to say that this was a tough one for mom! It seems like just yesterday that we want to his first graduation and we were so proud to see our little man up there in his cap and tassle. Now he is excited about going to the big school and riding on the bus! I have to admit that I did get a little misty watching him up there this year!
So closes another chapter of our lives! I am glad that this kindergarten program is only half day and I don't need to give me up for the whole day quite yet! (Although, there are some days.....)
I hope you enjoying the pictures! It is amazing to see how much he has changed in three years!!!! Congratulations buddy!!!!

Emma's First Graduation

On May 16th, Emma Katherine graduated from the Hempfield High School Two Day PreSchool program. As you can see they make it into quite a production complete with the cap and tassle. Emma was disappointed, though, because she wanted to wear one of the red caps and not a white one!!!

It was really cute to see them up on stage and receiving their diplomas. Next year, she will move into the three day program with Mrs. Miller.

This graduation was a fun one for mom as I know that she is just moving up to the next level of preschool next year!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is Mommy really right?

I guess at the age of three there are certain things that mommy tells you to be fact that you just have to investigate for yourself. I was busy working in the office and I heard Emma go into the bathroom. Next thing I know she is coming out naked from the waist down telling me that she is wet. I was concerned that she had waited too long to go to the bathroom but this was not the case. I asked her why she was wet and she explained that she had tried to stand up to pee. Sure enough when I looked in the bathroom, the seat was up and the bathroom stool was in front of the toilet. Beneath the toilet was a puddle and her wet clothes!

I guess Emma had to be sure that girls really couldn't stand up like the boys! Hopefully this has satisfied her curiosity and we won't need to attempt this one again!